In this part ,we would use Candle software to control the DIY CNC machine

We need to run the 4 programs one by one ,the method is simiar(only difference is cutter),so we just introduce one program

1. Choice the cutter

In Trace1 ,we use Φ0.6mm flat end milling cutter.

Use hand to fix the spindle and then use wrench to fix again.

2. Candle prepare

  • 1 Open the file we need,and then we can find the nc coding and path
  • 2 Use "Jog" function to move spindle to postion we need. In this case ,we need the corner of the board as the following picture
  • 3 Use "XY home" and "Z home" to define home position

3. Running the machine

Before running the machine ,please check the following aspect again:Wear mask,keep the machine clean, don't put body near the machine during operation In Candle software, click Send to run the machine


This document support by Bob Wu and Ciel Luo;thanks for XiaoWu's kind support 20201020

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