Brief introduction

  • Due to the use of windows OLE technology, intuitive design technology, advanced Parasolid kernel (provided by Cambridge) and good integration technology with third-party software, SolidWorks has become the most installed and best used software in the world. According to the data, about 280000 SolidWorks software licenses have been issued worldwide, involving about 31000 enterprises in aerospace, locomotives, food, machinery, national defense, transportation, mold, electronic communication, medical devices, entertainment industry, daily necessities / consumer goods, discrete manufacturing, etc., which are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world. In the education market, nearly 145000 students from 4300 educational institutions around the world pass SolidWorks training courses every year.


The interface after opening the software

Create a new part sequence

Interface after new part

Sketch the selected datum plane in sequence as shown in the figure

Select circle

As shown in the figure, select the radius of the center of the circle, and then enter the radius value

Stretch as shown

Select the profile and enter the thickness

Name and save the part

Duplicate new part

Select datum

Select the rectangle command as shown in the figure

Select the center of the circle and select any point

Click one side to input parameters, the other side is the same

Draw a circle in the same way

Offset the circle

Select the clipping command according to the operation steps, and the effect is as follows

Remove extra lines

Design fillet

In the same way

Use the offset command as shown in the figure

The selection circle command is set as the midpoint in the position shown in the figure, and the effect is as follows

Stretch, save

New assembly

Guide in body

In the same way, import the wheel and find that the wheel is drawn large

Save assembly

Modify the sketch dimensions according to the operation steps in the drawing

Select matching instruction

As shown in the figure, select concentric fit

As shown in the figure, select the plane coincidence and find the coincidence area

Clip parts

Select one side to create a sketch

Use offset command

Use stretch cut command

In the same way, it draws four wheel pits

In the same way, the wheel is imported and matched

Homework after class: notice that the front and rear wheels are missing shafts, please complete the shafts


Support by Mars and Jiahao Liu Reference link Download&Install

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