NexMaker Academy

Since 2020 ,we cooperate with NexPCB,university with following workshop

Since 2023,we launch Fablab Ningbo- NexMaker node local and provide Fab academy workshop for students

Fab academy Final project

3D printing SN nozzle Bob fab academy2018

Bio-signal data collection tool kit using for motion sicknessdetection Yaorun fab academy2023

Design engineering final project

  • 2020

0924:The piano of light

Duck Dog


happly planet Final project

Coffe Bit





Design manufacture final project

Design engineering final project

Update time:

  • 20200304:v1
  • 20230110:v2 delete nexmaker acadmey schedule and add Fablab ningbo- NexMaker
  • 20231130:v3 add final project

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