1. Prepare

  • Arduino IDE's libraries

  • NodeMCU driver:Open the following NodeMCU link and install the version you need ,we can't find NodeMCU in PC's port if we dont't install it

  • IOT platform: aliyun,register by yourself

2. IOT platform setting

2.1 Register, log in and go to IOT page

2.2 Creat products in Devices part(this time we choice wifi method in networking connection method)

2.3 Create device

2.4 Define feature of product

Click Device-Product-Define Feature-Edit Draft

You should remind Identifier here and we would use it in Arduino programing

3.Arduino programming

Download arduino coding in this link

get Alibaba Cloud's device information(Product key,Device name,Device secrect)

#define PRODUCT_KEY     "******"//1.exchange  PRODUCT_KEY
#define DEVICE_NAME     "******"//2.exchange  DEVICE_NAME
#define DEVICE_SECRET   "******"//3.exchange DEVICE_SECRET

Fill your WiFi's name and password, if there is no password,just delete "**"and keep it empty

#define WIFI_SSID       "******"//4.exchange WIFI
#define WIFI_PASSWD     "******"//5.exchange WIFI password

Define setting post data and get data

void mqtt_interval_post()
    char param[512];
    char jsonBuf[1024];

    //sprintf(param, "{\"MotionAlarmState\":%d}", digitalRead(13)); 7.define it according to your design
    sprintf(param, "{\"LightSwitch\":%d,\"range\":%d}",!digitalRead(LED),val);
    sprintf(jsonBuf, ALINK_BODY_FORMAT, ALINK_METHOD_PROP_POST, param);
    mqttClient.publish(ALINK_TOPIC_PROP_POST, jsonBuf);

we need define according to Alibaba Cloud's information LightSwitch,range

  sprintf(param, "{\"LightSwitch\":%d,\"range\":%d}",!digitalRead(LED),val);

OK ,we can upload data and test example.

4. Test

  • Cleck if it is online then click view to check IP

  • Click Online debug to control the NodeMCU

  • We rotate Potentiometer and then check the data if change

5. Reference

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