Hi everyone. The following is our schedule.we would do it step by step.

Date Course Content
0919 Introduction of design engineering
0926 Project management
1010 QA
1017 Computer aided design
1024 Open-source hardware and Arduino basic
1031 Arduino (output devices)
1107 Arduino (input devices)
1114 3D printing
1121 Interface application programming
1128 Midterm presentation
1205 Computer-controlled cutting
1212 Arduino IOT
1219 Intelligent Materials
1226 Patent application
0102 Q&A
0109 Final presentation

Our evolution method is the following

Daily homework full score is 70

Course Content Full Score
Project management 10
Computer aided design 10
3D printing 10
Computer-controlled cutting 10
Arduino (10)+Arduino IOT(10) 20
Interface application programming 10

Final presentation full socre is 30

Evolutation aspect Full Score
SDGs 6
Innovation 6
Market analysis 6
Key tech analysis 6
Material and how to make it 6


Topic Question Update time Condation
Project management 1.wrong link for github &githubdesktop
2.how to write the first document(tilte,header, content,picture)
3.how to collaborator team,you repeat it
4.use coding not picture
5.setting the environment
6. the relationship for two repository
delete useless link and information in personal webpage
20231107 10
Computer aided design 1.the full interface
2.vidoe from screenshot not use mobile phone

3. check the assessment for more detail
4.3d model live
5.engineering drawing
6. plugins
screenshot vidoe not mobile phone vidoe
7.Past the link on the website and We add gif with this code
9. parameter design
10.practice picture can be high quality gif
11.simple introduce
12.practice for Automated Modeling
13.introduce other software
20240102 10
3D printing 1.find new reseach or application
2.how to clean support
3.gcodeyou can try to add CNC Simulatore link and reference information
20240107 10
Arduino 1.need wire horizon and vertical
2.other project introduce
20240102 10
Interface application programming 1.enivornment and basic install information
2.other software

3. need resistant(including data) for LED Control with Hand Gestures
20240107 9
Computer-controlled cutting 1.laser standard
3.laser cutter with arduino(arduino need bolt fix with acrylic)
4.measure kerf
5. some picture's degree
20240108 10
Arduino IOT 1.need vpn or not 20230107 9
Final presentation soon


Topic Question Update time Condation
Project management 1.how to open terminal
2.how to make sidebar with hight coding not picture
3.how to write the first document(tilte,header, content,picture)
4.explain the detail of index.html
5.how to collaborator team
6.coding with word not just picture
7.the relationship fold and file
8.check collaborator relationship
20231204 9
Computer aided design 1.vidoe from screenshot not use mobile phone
2. check the assessment for more detail
3.Animation more detail
4. picture size and high quality picture
5. high quality video for "Daphne Isatou Timbo's problem"<br>6. joint
7.engineering drawing
8.parameter design
9.practice for Automated Modeling
10.introduce other software
11.confirm all sketch constrain
20240107 9
3D printing 1.add reference link
2.parameter table
20240107 10
Arduino 1.need your own case
2.other project introduce
20240102 9
Interface application programming need your own case 20240102 9
Computer-controlled cutting 1.arduino with lasercutter
2.material picture
20240107 10
Arduino IOT 20230108 9
Final presentation soon


Topic Question Update time Condation
Project management 1.member's information
2.school' link
3.home link button and function
4. no link for project work
5.how to collaborator team(add one srceenshot),need result
6.rough idea for final project
7.more detail for web build,with picture
8.how to write document for one page,and high quality screenshot
9.the relationship for two repository
10.how to open terminal
11. sidebar
12.highlight coding not in ""
13.Docsify Installation method need more detailm,delete docisfy
14.mention the folder and file relationship
15.highlight AutoHTML and explain detail for "figma" design and develop mode,and detail for one html,highlight coding for index.html
16.mention your final project
17.link in personal webpage
18how to link in figma
20231226 10
Computer aided design 1.mention the position of gear with screenshot
2.mention the cylinder before gear
3.detail for motion,
4.Simple parameter design practice;
5.Try one plugins and used in your design;
6.Engineering Drawing for on component at least;
7.practice for Automated Modeling
8.gear assemble
9.revolute1 angle is different with revolute2
20240108 10
3D printing 1. layout and paramenter setting in slice software
2.how to take the model out
3.how to assemble the model
4.machine choice
5.reference link for case
20240108 9
Arduino 1.need own case
2.more detail for MAX7219 Dot Matrix (4 in 1)
3. hardware connection
4.code explain
5.other project introduce
improve pic &vidoe size
6. wire horizon and vertical and colorM
20240108 9
Interface application programming NEED own case 20231226 8
Computer-controlled cutting 1.kerf
2.check assessment and add information
20240108 10
Arduino IOT need input &output 20240108 8
Final presentation soon


Topic Question Update time Condation
Project management 1.no information about homework record
2.how to collaborator team
3.gabrirla's personal's picture has problem during loading
4. jiko's web page
5.wrong link in tables of contents
6.no final project rought
7.chinese webpage
8.the front and empty space in design part strange
9. more detail for design in figma ,focus on home page for frame and components
10.picture in development
12.all fork from pwmp.github.io to nexmaker team's repository
13. navbar link for personal webpage
20240102 10
Computer aided design 1. check the assessment for more detail
1.sketch need constrain
2.detail design for one model at least
5.Simple parameter design practice;
6.test contact set/motion link and show gif;
7.Try one plugins and used in your design;
8.Engineering Drawing for on component at least;
9.Simple introduce another CAD software or experienc
10.practice for Automated Modeling
20240109 9
3D printing your own model 20240108 10
Arduino 1arduino output for switch 20240102 7
Interface application programming 1.coding can't show all information
2.checking assessment again
20240108 10
Computer-controlled cutting 1.picture can't load 20240108 10
Arduino IOT check the homework again 20240108 3
Final presentation soon


Topic Question Update time Condation
Project management 1.the relationship for link(especial social media)
2.how to build the web
3.how to write the first document(tilte,header, content,picture)
4.how to collaborator team
5. add the link for web tools
6.delete useless link in personal webpage
7.show all index.html with coding
8.show detail for folder and file
9.how to make the taskbar
10.the teammember's template,need correspond link
11.two repositories relationship
12.picture size
20240108 9
Computer aided design 1.highlight sketch and extrude logo
2.detail for Text sketch and Emboss tool
3. parameter design,all data show in table or picture
4.joint test
5.motion test result(upload high quality 2videos in github)
6.engineering drawing
7. fusion 360 plugin test
8.practice for Automated Modeling
9.Simple introduce another CAD software or experienc
10.sketch constrain
11.picture scale is wrong
20240108 9
3D printing 1.postprocess
3.new application
4.every picture need reference link if reference from other platform
20240108 9
Arduino 1.need own case
2.checkpicture(gif&video) quality
3.need coding not just picture
4.other opensource case
5.for light Seeking Mobile Robot ,no reference link ,coding, picture scale is wrong
6.need iot project
20240108 9
Interface application programming 1.reference information need link
2.picture and video need high quality
20240108 9
Computer-controlled cutting reference information need link 20240106 10
Arduino IOT 20240108 8
Final presentation soon


Topic Question Update time Condation
Project management 1.how to build the web not in pdf
2.how to write the first document(tilte,header, content,picture)
3.how to collaborator team
4.final project
5.check the link for gallery and semimars
5.picture with high quality
6.wrong infromation in vscode ,need total picture
8. don't need translation for coding
9. sidebar and navbar
10. wrong for "设置会员"in Chinese
11.repository relationship
20231219 9
Computer aided design 1.Here is the steps to install fusion 360,need more detail and picture
2.highlight sketch and extrude logo
3.Construct Section (Tangent) & Modify (Fillet)
4.joint detail
5.check picture and video size
6.plugin used in design
7.how to design drawing
8.parameter design
9.test contact set/motion link and show gif
10.practice for Automated Modeling
20240107 9
3D printing 1.more parameter
2. show the result for your design
3.the nut how to assemble
4.find new reseach or application
20240102 10
Arduino 1.tinkcader+coding+physical result
2.other opensource case
20231219 9
Interface application programming show own case or reference link 20240108 10
Computer-controlled cutting 1.laser cutter with arduino together
2.picute with reference link
3.picture size
4. some picture not show "Laser-cut Lamp with Arduino"
20240102 9
Arduino IOT 1. picture size(recommand to enlarge width:100%) and scale
2.tinkercad drawing
3.nexmaker, not nextmaker
4.coding with highlight not picture
5.how to install library
20240109 9
Final presentation soon


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