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Name Powder melting point Particle size Bulk density of powder Application
PA 11 202℃/396℉ 54um 0.48g/cm³ producing ductile,quality parts
PA 12 187℃/369℉ 60um 0.425g/cm³ producing strong, low-costquality parts
PA 12 Glass Beads 186℃/367℉ 58um 0.48g/cm³ producing stiff, dimensionally stable, quality parts
PP enabled by BASF 138℃/280℉ 62um 0.34g/cm³ producing chemical resistant, weldable, low moisture absorption, functional parts
TPA enabled by Evonik 152℃/305℉ 77um 0.42g/cm³ easy-to-process, flexible, lightweight parts


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