3D Slice Software

There are many different kinds of 3D slice software which connect CAD to 3D printer

In class we would use Flash print.

No Software cost OS
1 Simplify3D $150 Windows, Mac
2 Cura free Windows, Mac, Linux
3 flash print free Windows, Mac, Linux
4 Repetier free Windows, Mac, Linux
5 Slic3r free Windows, Mac, Linux
6 3DPrinterOS free Browser, Windows, Mac
7 Netfabb Standard $1000-4300 Windows
8 MakerBot Print free Windows, Mac
9 Astroprint free Browser, Raspberry Pi, pcDuino
10 SliceCrafter free Browser
11 Craftware free Windows, Mac
12 SelfCAD $9.99/month Browser
13 IceSL free Windows, Linux
14 KISSlicer $35 Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pie
15 MatterControl free Windows, Mac, Linux
16 HORI 3D print soft free Windows
17 Tinkerine Suite free Windows, Mac
18 Z-Suite free Windows, Mac
19 OctoPrint free Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac Linux
20 Magics charge Windows, Mac, Linux
21 Voxeldance charge Windows

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