Gitlab and github own similar function,in the following page,we just introduce how to build static websites with gitlab. With GitLab Pages, you can publish static websites directly from a repository in GitLab. Gitbook is a simple style. This part will introduce how to build gitbook with the help of gitlab

We would use the following tool to build our own webpage

  • Git is used to control our version in gitlab,mac don't need to install,it use to setting git and gitlab;
  • Gitlab is used as a servicer for our webpage;
  • Gitbook is a style for our webpage;
  • VScode for write document;
  • Markdown language to write our document;
  • Image upload service ,we use Picgo to storage our image on cloud( for example in gitlab) and used in markdwon document;

Build "new project"

Create from template and then choice gitbook

Set project information

Set layout

set webpage

local setting (vscoding)



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